Gaslight Plus Subscription Plan Now Available with Support from Two Editorial Teams

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new subscription plan, Gaslight Plus, which is now available for readers to sign up for. This subscription allows readers to access premium content from VersionCN and Parrhesia News’s editorial teams.

“We’re excited to offer our readers an even more comprehensive reading experience with Gaslight Plus,” said Xingyu Liu, director of Gaslight Co-operative. “By working with two additional editorial teams, we can provide our subscribers with a wider range of opinions and insights, ensuring they are always well-informed.”

To sign up for Gaslight Plus, readers can visit this website and select the subscription option that suits them best. The subscription scheme will be the primary funding source for VersionCN and Parrhesia News, helping them maintain and expand their operations. With the launch of Gaslight Plus, VersionCN and Parrhesia News aims to take this commitment to the next level by offering an even more comprehensive and engaging reading experience.


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